Bank Robbery Arc
Chapter 1
Part of Volume 1
Japanese Title (ぎん)(こう)(ごう)(とう)(へん)
Rōmaji Ginkō Gōtō Hen
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Bank Robbery Arc is the 1st chapter of Zaix10.

Plot SummaryEdit

A fully clothed individual, from head to toe, sneakily makes his way into a desolate bank with only one bank teller. The man, holding a bag with his left arm, approaches the counter. His hidden right hand, holed up in the jacket's pocket, is then revealed to be holding a gun. He promptly demands the young woman, Kyouko Houzuki, to bring out the cash.

Despite being startled by the sudden confrontation, Kyouko proceeded to ask the robber to follow proper procedures and wait his turn after obtaining a ticket. He obediently went for a ticket before returning to retort the situation. The bank robber frantically returned to his initial demand and aimed his handgun at her. Although Kyouko was slightly taken aback, she decided to proceed by assessing the value of the gun. Due to the gun being an older model, she only offered him ¥5000 in exchange, and she told him to try elsewhere if he is not satisfied.

Distressed by the amount offered, the robber curses her and the bank for being a bunch of greedy bastards. After realizing that he has been caught in her pace once again, he retorts that it isn't a pawnshop, and that there is only one thing for the bank teller to do when threatened by a bank robber.

They agree to restart the scenario, and the bank robber reapproaches the counter from the entrance once again. Kyouko excitedly welcomes him, and she asks him what type of sushi he would like. The robber replies that he would like the one with mackerel. In response, the bank teller turns her head while trying to hold in her laughter. After she finishes preparing the sushi, the robber eats it before immediately calling her out again.

Frustrated at being played, he once again reminds her of what she ought to do, and that she should be giving an appropriate reaction. Seeing that the bank teller remains confused about his words, he proposes that they switch the role. Kyouko, wearing the same disguise as the robber, acts in character quickly and demands for money. The robber stuffs the money into the bag he brought, and gives it to her while explaining the actions taken by the two different roles. Getting too into character, the robber also enacts the scenario in which the alarm is pressed. The alerted cops came to arrest Kyouko on the spot, and the robber exclaims that the competence of the Japanese police force puts bank tellers at ease. While the dumbfounded Kyouko is escorted out of the premise, the robber reprimands the situation which led to her being caught instead.

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